Driving Diversity for Success

WIE Programme

WIE Speaker
Akie Abe
Wife of Prime Minister of Japan
WIE Speaker
Gloria Guo
General Manager of LNG Marketing, Singapore, Gas Supply and Trading
WIE Speaker
Ira Miriawati
VP Assessment and Development Management
SKK Migas
WIE Speaker
Anne Hung
Baker & McKenzie Tokyo
WIE Speaker
Katie Mehnert
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Pink Petroâ„¢
WIE Speaker
Lixin Che
Executive Committee / Deputy General Manager
Beijing Gas Group
WIE Speaker
Rob Grant
Vice President, Power and Investment Development, Asia-Pacific
WIE Speaker
Yang-Mi Choi
Vice President, Facility Technology Department, Technology Planning Division
Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS)
WIE Speaker
Regina Mayor
Global Sector Head and U.S. National Sector Leader of Energy and Natural Resources
WIE Speaker
Steve Hill
Executive Vice President, Gas and Energy Marketing & Trading
Shell Eastern Trading (Pte) Ltd
WIE Speaker
Peter Coleman
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Woodside Energy Ltd.
WIE Speaker
Yasuko Yoshida
Country Chair and Integrated Gas Lead Myanmar
Shell Myanmar Energy Pte. Ltd
WIE Speaker
Yenni Andayani
Director Gas, New & Renewable Energy
WIE Speaker
Barbara Jinks
Program Manager - Gastech Women in Energy
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WIE Speaker
Meg Gentle
President & Chief Executive Officer
WIE Speaker
Jane Liao
Chief Executive Officer, Natural Gas Business Unit
CPC Corporation (Taiwan)
WIE Speaker
Yukari Yamashita
Director of Energy Data and Modelling Centre
The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ)
WIE Speaker
Momoyo Yuki
Senior Manager, Gas Business Group & Business Solution Office
Japan Petroleum Exploration Co., Ltd (JAPEX)
WIE Speaker
Maarten Wetselaar
Integrated Gas & New Energies Director